Axians is an agile network of companies in Switzerland comprising specialist ICT service providers and software manufacturers which operate collectively under the ICT-brand name Axians of VINCI Energies. Close proximity to customers is ensured by a nationwide presence at more than 20 locations in every language region

The Axians network


The global Axians network counting 12,500 specialists in 27 countries supports its customers – private-sector companies, public-sector entities, operators and service providers – in their infrastructures and digital solutions development.As a pioneer in the area of digitisation, we understand the industry-specific challenges our customers face



The digital transformation with Axians


Cyber Security

In times of increasing cybercrime, Axians has stepped forward as a Managed Service Leader in the field of cyber security and has demonstrated an understanding of the challenges that customers face. Axians provides comprehensive and convincing expertise in both IT and OT security and provides tried-and-tested services that help you to achieve your cyber security goals and ensure your business success.


Launch your career with us

For us, “The best of ICT with a human touch” means: The only way that technologies can help us achieve our goals is through the teamwork of committed experts who serve our customers with enthusiasm, passion, commitment and consummate expertise and who enjoy their work.


Carrier and service provider

Axians carries out modernisation of the broadband network as general contractor

In keeping with the motto “The fibre-optic network for everyone”, sissanet, a division of Elektra Sissach with Axians as general contractor, is building a high-performance fibre-optic network for the municipality of around 6,600 inhabitants. All properties in the area will be connected to the network via Fibre to the Home (FTTH). Axians supports the entire FTTH project with direct point-to-point rollout including consulting, engineering, fibre planning, construction management and documentation of the network.
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Carrier and service provider

Axians equips the first Swiss ice rink with the latest mobile technology

Originally built in 1959, the ice hockey arena simply did not meet the expectations of today’s operators, players and spectators. As well as offering outstanding functionality and being highly user-friendly, the new building also needed to offer the latest standards of network coverage; this is what made it necessary to integrate the most up-to-date mobile phone technologies.
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Pharma Data Center & Infrastructure

Separately operated IT and OT infrastructures give Geistlich Pharma maximum availability

With the support of Axians, Geistlich was able to make the transition to separately operated IT and OT infrastructures, and then implement these effectively while keeping everything running.
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Government agencies Data Center & Infrastructure

Software-defined networking for the municipality of Wettingen

The municipality of Wettingen has been a client of Axians GNS AG since 2011. In 2019, the municipality decided to implement a new network solution. At that time, Wettingen was operating two networks: a community network and a school network.
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Healthcare Cloud

Short-term switch to home working for administrative tasks – child’s play for Swiss Medi Kids AG

To keep the show on the road, Swiss Medi Kids AG depends on the medical staff on site in the clinic, as well as those employees who work behind the scenes. The coronavirus outbreak therefore presented Swiss Medi Kids AG with the challenge of reorganising its operations and maximising the amount of administrative work that can be done from home.
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Services Data Center & Infrastructure

Skyguide academy extends collaboration with Axians for a further 5 years

Because there are only a few opportunities for training and further development in Switzerland, skyguide must train and develop the skills of a large proportion of its personnel itself. This is especially true for air traffic controllers as a group.
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Services Virtualisierung

Skyguide academy converts its ongoing courses to remote training

In February 2020, skyguide academy started its Area Control Surveillance course for 18 trainee air traffic controllers and 6 instructors as on-site training. In view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Switzerland and across Europe as a whole, the Federal Council ordered all training centres to close.
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Government agencies / Logistics and transport / Services

More efficient, less expensive training programmes

The virtualisation of the CBT training platform grants skyguide unparalleled flexibility in the provision of training as well as significant cost savings.
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Services Cloud

TIMES Attorneys – Sensitive data secured centrally

International law firm TIMES Attorneys, located in Zurich and Lausanne, entrusted Axians GNS with the modernisation of its IT system. Among lawyers, data is increasingly being exchanged via digital channels – as is also the case at TIMES Attorneys.
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Healthcare Cloud

Doctors work independently thanks to the Axians cloud

The DaaS complete workplace package complements the Axians cloud, which Uroviva has been using since 2013. This addition provides the doctors with additional features.
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