Our people make the difference!

Axians is at the heart of this changing world – and our people are doing great work for many organisations around the world. Our goal is to always design and deliver the best solutions for business and society, with a genuine and human passion.

We are part of VINCI Energies, which unites the brands Axians, Actemium and ETAVIS under one roof in Switzerland. Together they represent services in the fields of IT and telecommunications infrastructure (ICT), industrial and building automation, as well as electrical engineering and switchgear construction. The range of services extends from consulting and design to implementation, maintenance and support.

Customer proximity is ensured by the Axians ICT teams across 20 locations in all language regions of Switzerland. Our decentralised organisational structure, with a high level of decision-making authority, enables our business units to react quickly to changes and opportunities in local markets. As part of a strong group, we are resilient and robust and can act sustainably. For more complex projects and services for our major clients, our teams frequently collaborate across regions, brands and sometimes even internationally. This allows our professionals to benefit from the advantages of a large group while contributing their innovations and ideas to the success of their local business unit.

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Your apprenticeship at Axians

You’ll find a bright career with us…


Are you looking for an exciting and unique profession? Are you interested in cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking issues? Do you want a good mix of theory and practice?


We want to shape the future of digitalisation together with you.

We look forward to meeting you.

Advantages & Benefits

In addition to a great working environment with plenty of room for development, you will benefit from a variety of attractive benefits. Moreover, our business divisions also offer individual services.

  • Referral commission

    If you know someone who is a good fit for us, you’ll get a referral commission.

  • Altersvorsorge

    Pension plan

    You will benefit from an appealing pension plan through a solid scheme from our pension fund.

  • Arbeitszeiten

    Flexible working hours

    The job allows flexible work in a flexitime model or home office.

  • Loyalty bonus

    We reward loyalty with a loyalty bonus! After 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service you will receive additional holiday and extra special bonuses.

  • Familie


    Work-life balance through part-time employment. We offer 100% paid maternity leave for 16 weeks.

  • Personable work culture

    We are a strong team. We foster short lines of communication and an informal corporate culture.

  • Corporate-Benefits

    Corporate benefits

    Benefit from corporate benefits in these categories: Fashion, travel, leisure, sports, living, technology and much more.

  • Vernetzt

    Stay connected

    Stay connected and benefit thanks to our partners with your private cell phone, telephone, Internet and TV connections.

  • Holiday

    With us, you will enjoy at least 24 days of holiday per calendar year.

  • Mitarbeiterbeteiligung

    Employee participation

    Take advantage of our VINCI Share program and receive free shares.

  • VINCI Corporation

    We offer opportunities for collaboration within the large VINCI Group beyond the Axians network.

  • Trainee Programme

    We have an international Axians trainee programme.

10 reasons to work at Axians

1st Locations

You can find us throughout the world, and at over 20 locations in Switzerland.

2nd Expertise

You’ll measure yourself with the best of the best.
We are organised into lean, agile business units.

3rd Further education

We invest 5% of our payroll costs in the continuing professional development of our employees.

4th Innovative projects

You’ll work within our network on innovative projects and services for truly cool solutions.

5th Strong support

You will meet many interesting and committed people from various fields and will be able to work on numerous supraregional teams.
This means you can always rely on a wide support network from throughout the Group.

6th Enrichment through diversity

You will benefit from more successful and creative solutions in your role because everyone is able to contribute equally to our teams, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, experience, age or gender.
This is something we truly believe in.

7th Added value

You’ll consolidate your value- and goal-oriented actions to provide optimal added value to our customers.

8th Personal development

You enjoy our commitment to expanding your professional skills and your personal development.

9th Solid values

Your values are also our values: trust, autonomy, responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit and solidarity.

10th Human Touch

You’ll make the difference. Become part of our Human Touch.

Five basic values underpin our day-to-day work

Our corporate identity stands for trust, responsibility, solidarity, independence, and entrepreneurship. We prioritise people over systems, and appreciate individual initiatives and collective work in equal measure.


Trust is at the heart of our working relationship and is deeply nurtured by proximity, enabling everyone to demonstrate their talent. Trust is given, earned, and rewarded so that everyone can work together. Trust is based on transparency and does not exclude control.


Autonomy is granted to our business units with the ability for people to make their own decisions, within a defined framework. Autonomy embraces the concept that each situation is specific, and we believe in human intelligence. We also aim at empowering each and every employee to develop their talents and potential. Autonomy is not independence; it also encompasses communication and transparency.


We empower and give responsibility to everyone, no matter their level within the organisation. We are convinced of the ability of our employees to work responsibly and to assume this responsibility. It is key to our success.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We empower and acknowledge everybody’s ability to take initiatives, weigh up risks and seize chances, envision and achieve success. We value the ability to make decisions and to deliver. Being able to say “no”, being careful and selective is also part of the entrepreneurial mindset. We acknowledge the right to make mistakes.


We demonstrate solidarity within VINCI Energies by working as part of a network to share knowledge, activities, and resources for greater innovation and better performance and responsiveness. We work as a network, and we value people who are willing to give and share. Employees and business units also show solidarity by getting involved in civil society and local communities. Our solidarity is shown in good and bad times.

Our Values

Find out more about our values and our corporate social responsibility

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