Industrial environments face major challenges such as increased competitiveness, flexibility, and scalability if they are to benefit from scale effects. To meet these challenges, they must change the way they operate. For example, data analysis can offer a new perspective on how to optimise production environments.

Our service for industrial environments

The digital transformation in the industrial landscape is by all means proving to be a challenge. The ICT solutions offered by Axians improve your productivity and response times by means of various methods of communication, tailored business applications and the appropriate IT infrastructure that optimises every process in the industrial life cycle.

We provide industrial companies with help in overcoming the challenges they face. Axians offers future-oriented ideas and solutions to provide assistance with the digital revolution.

How we address your challenges

Agile and efficient IT environments

IT infrastructures must function error-free at all times so that they can quickly react to new requirements, changes and updates to hardware and software. Trending topics, such as “as a service” offerings and hyper-converged infrastructures, are implemented to make sure that this happens.

Seeing and understanding the correct data

We help you to transform your data into information, your information into knowledge and your knowledge into a key competitive advantage. Our analytics solutions provide you with an insight into all of the data relevant to your industrial company, helping you to learn to understand it and use it as a basis on which to make decisions.

Controlling and safeguarding production

Using efficient and networked sensors that function with real-time reporting and immediate alarms, Axians helps you to monitor your infrastructure (real-time resource status, video surveillance, monitoring of energy consumption, etc.). Take a look at our impressive references


We focus on automating your industrial processes and buildings. We implement the best solutions to maximise your profitability.