Client benefits
Data storage in Switzerland; ISO 27001-certified; location- and time-independent work
Swiss Medi Kids AG


To keep the show on the road, Swiss Medi Kids AG depends on the medical staff on site in the clinic, as well as those employees who work behind the scenes. The coronavirus outbreak therefore presented Swiss Medi Kids AG with the challenge of reorganising its operations and maximising the amount of administrative work that can be done from home.


Thanks to the ISO 27001-certified Axians Cloud, which Swiss Medi Kids AG has been using since 2017, the switch to home working was very easy. Swiss Medi Kids AG had already fully digitalised its processes, and the relevant data and documents were available electronically. In addition, its staff were already familiar with Axians Cloud.
Axians Cloud offers a managed infrastructure and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in an all-in-one solution. This allows employees to access their desktops from anywhere, which means they can work flexibly and on the move. As 100% of the data is stored in Switzerland, and thanks to modern two-factor authentication, all work is carried out under the highest security standards.

“Thanks to Axians’ solution, we were able to quickly and easily change the proportion of work that could be done from peoples’ home offices. The staff were already familiar with the solution and all security standards were adhered to.”
Katja Berlinger, CEO of Swiss Medi Kids AG

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