Thanks to a continuous expansion of the solutions and expansion of the Managed Security Services, Axians Switzerland was once again able to maintain its top position in Switzerland.

Arlesheim, 07/08/2023 – Axians Switzerland is continuously expanding its portfolio and expertise in the area of cyber security, cementing its leading position in the ISG (Information Services Group) benchmark “Cyber Security – Solutions and Services 2023”. Compared to the previous year, Axians was able to further expand its leading position in Switzerland and once again was ranked top in the Managed Security Services category. In Germany, Axians was once again ranked top in three Security Services quadrants. This underscores Axians’ expertise as a provider of comprehensive cyber security solutions as well as its ability to provide customers with optimal support in all project stages, from strategy development to execution, as well as continuously improving their cyber security.

ISG gives the top ranking to companies that offer attractive products and services, as well as having a strong market position and being highly competitive. These are companies which are strategic signposts and opinion leaders in the market and stand for innovative strength and stability. Axians is one of the providers whose products and services rank above average in meeting companies’ requirements. ISG’s assessment takes into account, among other things, revenue and customer figures to determine the market significance of the providers. Only service providers that do not focus exclusively on proprietary products and solutions were evaluated.

Frank Heuer, Principal Analyst at ISG, explains Axians’ rating in the following way: “Axians’ own targeted and pragmatic solutions have established it as the leading providers of cyber security solutions in Switzerland and Germany.”

The Managed Security Services category includes providers that operate IT security infrastructures via a Security Operations Center (SOC) and cover the entire security incident lifecycle – from problem identification to resolution. Thanks to its excellent performance at the IT/OT SOC in Arlesheim (Basel), Axians Switzerland has taken another leap forward in the Leader Quadrant since last year. The SOCs in 11 countries, including several in the DACH region, are convincing. Companies can choose from an extensive range of modular services that cover areas of both IT and OT security. Specifically, its offering includes products and services to ensure enterprise security, including innovative technologies such as Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and, for example, changes brought about by implementing Cloud Secure Access Service Edge (SASE ) technologies and NIST frameworks. At the same time, Axians is helping to address the biggest challenge facing many companies – the acute shortage of skilled workers. Companies can use Managed Security Services flexibly and independently or bundle them into a comprehensive Security-as-a-Service package to significantly reduce the workload for their IT teams.

Demand for cyber security services continues to grow

Axians addresses this growing demand and offers support especially to medium-sized and large companies, to help them adequately protect themselves from growing threats. As attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, it becomes increasingly complex to manage cyber security. At the same time, many companies lack qualified security experts. The convergence of IT and OT and the shift towards working from home have increased the scope for attacks. Axians knows the needs of medium-sized and large companies from the numerous customer projects it has led and is therefore able to offer customised solutions. As part of the VINCI Energies group, Axians works closely with its sister brands Omexom, Actemium and Building Solutions, combining expertise from the IT and OT worlds. In addition, Axians is a partner in the Alliance for Cyber Security, a cooperative network in the fight against cybercrime.

Urs Röthlisberger, CEO of Axians & Actemium Switzerland: “We are thrilled that our leading position in cyber security has been confirmed once again. Ranking top in the ISG Benchmark and top in Switzerland and Germany is a result of our continuous commitment and innovative solutions, alongside intensive international cooperation. The synergies with our sister companies within our transnational VINCI Energies group and the broad yet profound expertise provided as a result are unique in the market.”

Alain De Pauw, Head of Division Security at Axians Germany and Axians Switzerland, is pleased to once again be ranked top in all three security service quadrants: “Our goal is to provide companies with comprehensive support to enable them to defend themselves against cyber-attacks – with tailored services in both IT and OT security. We are proud to offer our customers effective protection thanks to our comprehensive cyber security solutions, further expanding our network thanks to our proven range of services.”


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Quadrant ISG

Caption: Axians is ranked top in the Managed Security Services quadrant in Switzerland due to the attractiveness of its portfolio and the clout it wields in this competitive environment (Source: ISG)


Frank Heuer

Caption: Frank Heuer, Principal Analyst, Information Services Group Germany GmbH (Source: ISG)

Urs Röthlisberger

Caption: Urs Röthlisberger, CEO Axians & Actemium Schweiz (Source: Axians)

Caption: Alain De Pauw, Division Manager for Security at Axians Germany and Axians Switzerland (Source: Axians)

Badge Leader Cybersecurity - Manage Security Services

Caption: ISG ranks Axians top in Switzerland in the “Managed Security Services – SOC” category in the “Provider Lens™ – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2023” benchmark. (Source: ISG)

Caption: ISG ranks Axians top in Germany in the „Managed Security Services – SOC” category in the “Provider Lens™ – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2023” benchmark. (Source: ISG)

Caption: ISG ranks Axians top in Germany in the „Strategic Security Services“ category in the „Provider Lens™ – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2023“ benchmark. (Source: ISG)

Caption: ISG ranks Axians top in Germany in the „Technical Security Services“ category in the „Provider Lens™ – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2023“ benchmark. (Source: ISG)

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