Sissanet, a division of Elektra Sissach with Axians as general contractor, is building a high-performance fibre-optic network for the municipality of around 6,600 inhabitants. All properties in the area will be connected to the network via Fibre to the Home (FTTH) by the end of 2023. Axians is supporting the entire FTTH project with direct point-to-point rollout including consulting, engineering, fibre planning, construction management and documentation of the high-performance network.

The ageing coaxial network in the Sissach municipality needed to be renovated and adapted to modern technological requirements. In addition to the many customer benefits of a high-speed fibre-optic network, it was also important to enable automatic reading of the electricity meters. As such, it was an easy decision for Elektra Sissach to invest in the reliable, bug-proof and radiation-free fibre-optic technology. The users connected to the network benefit from stable, high-speed data transmission as well as increased data protection and stability.

”Axians has not only provided us with a comprehensive concept, they’ve also assisted us in our decision-making with their expert opinion and budget calculations”, said Stephan Jurt of Elektra Sissach, in reference to the excellent preparatory work.

Read our case study to find out which technologies are being used, the current phase of the project and how Axians is taking charge of the modernisation of the broadband network for the Sissach municipality as the general contractor.