Managed infrastructure featuring DaaS; on-site support; highly secure IT environment; greater simplicity.

Reference Customer

Branch of Industry

Solution Area
Cloud, Data Center & Infrastructure

Doctors work independently thanks to the Axians cloud

Project environment

Uroviva offers the entire spectrum of in and outpatient urology treatments. In eight practices and one of its own clinics, an experienced team of doctors guarantees top-quality medical services. Before Uroviva transitioned to the Axians cloud, its IT system was not very well organised. The IT contact partners often struggled to react quickly enough to incidents and solve problems sustainably. This led to an accumulation of complications that compromised everyday activities.

Project requirements & goals

The IT system had to be simplified and rendered more flexible. The new IT partner would have to be able to react rapidly to the company’s requirements and ensure they were readily available. Axians presented Uroviva with a convincing solution that solved the existing issues and provided advantages in everyday working life.

Implementation & project outcome

Uroviva opted for the complete workplace package. The DaaS (Desktop as a Service) managed infrastructure enables its team to work from anywhere in a highly secure IT environment. Employees can use their desktops and applications wherever they are: at the practices, at the clinic or from home. Additional features such as mobile dictation are another plus – especially for doctors who are often on the move. In the background, Axians’ backup solution safeguards sensitive data. Regular monitoring, a 24/7 emergency hotline and weekly on-site service appointments were to protect the IT infrastructure to the very best extent. The scalability of the cloud also enables Uroviva to react rapidly to changes and any new requirements that may arise in the future. Additional workstations and sites can be integrated into the existing environment with ease. In line with the pay-per-use principle, only what is used is charged. On-site support ensured a smooth transition to the new system. Industry-specific applications, such as the Vitomed practice software, also perform in the Axians cloud.

Cooperating with Axians has been highly advantageous for us. The cloud solution simplifies our employees’ daily working life: we now work faster and more flexibly. We also appreciate the collaborative partnership we enjoy with Axians. Our ideas and needs are always incorporated into the further development of our IT strategy,

says Rahel Amherd, Head of Uroviva’s HR and Practices, in summary of the long-standing cooperation with Axians.