Axians, an ICT systems integrator and managed services provider, has been ranked as a leader in the ISG (Information Services Group) benchmark “Cyber Security Solutions and Services Partner 2020”. Axians has received the award for, among others, Germany and Switzerland. Axians primarily serves the cyber security needs of mid-sized companies and corporations through its managed security services and cloud security services. The international cooperation of the ICT brand Axians’ cyber security teams around the world provides experts with an overview of global threats to businesses. Axians is one of the few international players able to compete in the leader quadrant in several countries.

ISG classifies companies as leaders in a category if they have both an attractive product and service offering and a strong position in the market and competition. According to ISG, they are strategic pacemakers and opinion leaders in the market as well as guarantors of innovative strength and stability. Axians received the “Leader” award in Switzerland in the category “Managed Security Services”. This means that Axians is one of the most relevant service providers in the operation and management of IT security infrastructures through security operation centres (SOC) or, for example, on-site in large companies.

“Managed security services” or “security as a service” refers to the outsourcing of cyber security services to professional service providers such as Axians. This comes with many economic advantages. Outsourcing cyber security services is particularly appropriate as systems are becoming increasingly complex and therefore more difficult to secure, while security requirements are growing and there is a shortage of security professionals. Examples of cyber security services include the detection of security gaps, the monitoring of networks and IT systems, the active combating of attacks, and the detection and prevention of spam. Other services include cyber security and penetration testing, cyber security consulting, and the management of firewalls, proxies and network detection and response solutions.

Axians was named the “Leader” in the “Technical Security Services” and “Managed Security Services” categories in Germany and for “Technical Security Services” and “Managed Security Services – Large Accounts” in France.

Frank Heuer, Manager ISG Research at ISG Germany, comments on the the positioning in the leader quadrant: “Axians has an extensive, customer-focused portfolio which addresses not only corporate groups but also SMEs, a target group with above-average growth potential.»

Keeping an eye on cyber security worldwide

Axians provides cyber security solutions and managed security services from offices in 23 countries. As a virtual team, the cyber security experts of the Threat Intelligence Center Europe analyse acute threats throughout Europe. A dedicated Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) identifies current attack scenarios, analyses them and makes recommendations for action. “In recent years, we have invested in the continuous expansion of our cyber security portfolio in Switzerland.

However, the threat situation is and remains global. Thanks to the additional intensification of international cooperation with the Axians networks of Germany, the Czech Republic, France and other countries, more and more customers are placing their trust in our services and solutions. I am of course particularly pleased that Axians Switzerland has been ranked as the leader for ‘Managed Security Services’ in the ISG study and this confirms that we have chosen the right strategy and have a great team – which we are continuously expanding,” said Stefano Camuso, CEO of Axians & Actemium Switzerland, commenting on the results of the ISG study.

Christian Karstedt, head of the IT Infrastructure business area, which includes the cyber security sector, goes into greater depth: “Small national and large international companies are affected equally. Cybercriminals are creative, persistent and constantly changing their methods of attack. We rely on the knowledge of our expert teams from all countries and offer additional top-class specialist knowledge from nearshoring regions that can be supplemented and expanded at any time to meet customer and topic-specific requirements. In the Czech Republic alone, we can look to our own team of around 50 cyber security specialists.»


Stefano Camuso, CEO Axians & Actemium Switzerland (source: Axians)


Christian Karstedt, Director Business Area IT Infrastructure, Axians in Switzerland (source: Axians)

Frank Heuer, Manager, ISG Research (Quelle: ISG)

ISG names Axians as leader for Switzerland in the benchmark “Provider Lens – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2020” in the category “Managed Security Services”. (source: ISG)

Caption: ISG names Axians as leader for Germany in the benchmark “Provider Lens – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2020” in the category “Managed Security Services”. (source: ISG)

Caption: ISG names Axians as leader for Germany in the benchmark “Provider Lens – Cyber Security Solutions and Service Partners 2020” in the category “Technical Security Services”. (source: ISG)