Axians is now acting as the MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) for Pentera and offers fully automated penetration tests throughout Switzerland.

Schlieren, 02.09.21 – The exclusive service cooperation deal between Axians and Pentera enables the creation of a Penetration Testing division, which will revolutionise corporate cyber security without the need for human intervention. Thanks to the collaboration with Pentera, Axians can now offer its Swiss customers the option of fully automated penetration tests (PenTests).

The steadily increasing frequency and professionalism of cyber attacks on all business units and the resulting high damage costs are affecting Swiss companies more and more. Day-to-day work is now becoming ever more digitalised, which involves data being processed in agile cloud environments, as well as web and business applications, which are always open to mobile access. These digital work infrastructures give criminals a large surface area for attack and a great many vectors through which they can target end devices and workplaces that are constantly exposed. In order to ensure that a company’s cyber defence strategy remains efficient and does not lose sight of real risk factors, it is not only necessary to use cyber security measures, but also to test them regularly, using so-called PenTests.

These regular PenTests are ideal for uncovering vulnerabilities in your own infrastructure.  Because of Axians’ exclusive partnership with Pentera, these tests can be carried out completely automatically, without the need to commit human resources.

“Thanks to our expanded collaboration with Pentera, we can offer Swiss companies real added value. This combination of fully automated PenTests and the human expertise that comes with them has never been seen before,” explains Freddy Bürkli, Head of Business Unit Security Services, Axians Switzerland.

Detecting security gaps early and protecting valuable data

Penetration tests assess the security of as many of a company’s system components and applications as possible through means and methods that an attacker (hacker) would use to gain unauthorised access to the system. Axians combines fully automated PenTesting based on disruptive technology with human expertise from the Security Operations Center Services and Cyber ​​Security Forensics parts of the business. Thousands of automated attack activities are carried out every day; Axians uses the on-hand expertise of its specialists to help its clients keep their infrastructure up to date, based on real threats.

“We are very pleased to be able to further increase our market penetration through our collaboration with Axians in Switzerland. Being part of this constellation enables us to tap into the Swiss market in a more focused way than we could before. But it’s not only us who profits: first in line is the client, who will be able to benefit from twice the expertise,” explains Hanspeter Karl, Area Vice President DACH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) of Pentera.


Caption: Freddy Bürkli, Head of Business Unit Security Services, Axians Switzerland. (Source: Axians)

Caption: Hanspeter Karl, Area Vice President DACH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) of Pentera. (Source: Pentera)

Caption: Penetration tests can be used to measure a company’s current cyber security status; the findings can then be presented succinctly to the company management. (Source: Pentera and Axians)

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Pentera (www.pentera.cio) offers PenTera™, an automated platform for penetration tests that evaluates and reduces businesses’ cyber security risks. By adopting the perspective of a hacker, our software identifies, analyses, and prioritises repairs to vulnerabilities in cyber defence. Hundreds of security experts and service providers around the world use PenTera to carry out continuous, machine-based penetration tests, which strengthen their defence against cyber attacks on their organisational networks.
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