Reliable, stable and highly available comprehensive solution; greater flexibility for future adaptations; convincing cost-benefit ratio.

Reference Customer
Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Branch of Industry
banks and Insurances

Solution Area
Data Center & Infrastructure, Managed Services

Axians designs and implements a network architecture for Rahn-Bodmer Co. ensuring requirements will continue to be met in the future.

Project environment

Founded in 1750, Rahn+Bodmer Co. now employs almost 200 people. They specialise in personalised asset management. In terms of IT, Rahn+Bodmer Co. has been working successfully with Axians GNS for over 20 years and, when it came to transitioning to a new network, the bank opted for their trusted partner.

Project requirements & goals

The bank’s IT system was organised across two data centres at their headquarters. Fibre optic lines safeguarded the server and access networks’ redundancy. The central network components that had come to the end of their life cycles had to be replaced. The expectations of the network architecture were considerable. Both data centres were to be outsourced to external sites whilst maintaining the full network and data redundancy. The security of the data also had to be guaranteed at all times: The overall interruption of service availability had to be kept under 36 hours.

Implementation & project outcome

New data centres, Axxess firewalls and Layer 2 encryption formed the basis for the new network architecture. The lines were to be made available as managed services. The network architecture was built and tested at the bank’s headquarters using hardware components configured by Axians GNS. After a successful test, the migration of the servers and workstations took place even before the data centres were outsourced to the external site. The servers and workstations, including external data connections, were migrated within the maximum service downtime, facilitating the subsequent successful transition of all network components and servers. The time allocated to planning, design and implementation was tight, which rendered the process and the result all the more satisfying: All of the stipulated deadlines were met, and just 18 weeks later, the new system was already ready for use.

The network solution proved its flexibility when the data centres were moved. The system in use is stable and efficient. We particularly appreciated the great degree of efficiency and open communication in our dealings with Axians GNS AG,”

states Iris Albrecht, Head of IT Services at Rahn+Bodmer Co., as she emphasises how happy she was with the service.