Mobility for external nursing staff; the utmost security and reliability; data stored in Switzerland; long-term support guaranteed.

Reference Customer
Pflegezentrum Forch

Branch of Industry

Solution Area
Cloud, Collaboration, Managed Services

Project environment

The Zollinger Stiftung offers the elderly comprehensive care and home nursing services as well as living accommodation and real estate. Having an IT system that functions well is vital in ensuring the foundation operates smoothly. If you process a large amount of sensitive data every day like the Zollinger Foundation does, you will need a consistently high-performance IT system. The infrastructure maintained by an external service provider was no longer able to fulfil this requirement. Employees were increasingly being faced with performance problems and sometimes even poor availability. In order for them to use an appropriate and modern IT system as a proven tool for efficient working, the Zollinger Foundation looked for a new provider.

Project requirements & goals

We wanted to outsource our IT system. We were looking for an offer that both impressed us economically and would also provide us with as much flexibility as possible. That is exactly what we got with the Axians cloud. Our home nursing employees, who are on the move every day, are able to work on a mobile system. And we have a partner in our corner we can rely on,”

says Kirstin Mathieu, member of the Executive Board and Head of Real Estate, as she summarises the expectations of her new IT system.

Implementation & project outcome

After a comprehensive analysis of the status quo, the Zollinger Stiftung chose the Axians cloud workplace provided by Axians GNS. This all-in-one package is the answer to the problems and challenges many SMEs face, particularly on the nursing and healthcare market. They are reliant upon being able to process their clients’ data at any time in a secure and timely manner, without compromising on performance and with a reliable support service. The Axians cloud makes this possible and also provides the optimum preconditions for work at any time, from anywhere. Rather than being tied to expensive end devices, employees access their desktops using mobile devices. This makes the internal infrastructure leaner and will save costs in the long run. Axians GNS and the customer drafted the migration schedule together. All of the work packages were completed to schedule within defined interim steps. During the software installation, the integration of Kaba and proved challenging. Both of these applications now function perfectly, as do several others. The Zollinger Foundation’s new IT system performs at 100%.