Comprehensive IT system online around the clock; location-independent access; optimised collaboration; no internal IT specialists required; long-term specialist support guaranteed; budget-friendly fixed costs.

Reference Customer
Garantiefonds der Schweizer Reisebranche

Branch of Industry
Services, Tourism

Solution Area
Collaboration, Data Center & Infrastructure, Managed Services

Travel agencies fund optimises IT system with redballoon of Axians.

Project environment

The Swiss travel industry’s Guarantee Fund, headquartered in Zurich, was founded in 1994 as an independent foundation. It manages a fund with the aim of compensating travellers in the event that travel firms become insolvent. Around 1,500 tour operators and travel agencies in Switzerland are affiliated with the Guarantee Fund under binding agreements. Due to years of heterogeneous growth, its IT system has become cluttered, and availability and support have suffered.

Project requirements & goals

A simple, flexible, all-round carefree cloud package was called for.

We wanted to be taking care of our customers, not our IT system,”

Spiess points out what he believes to be one of the most important requirements of the new IT system. The Guarantee Fund’s primary concern, however, is providing rapid support when customers need help because their travel operator has become insolvent. For this reason, the IT system would also importantly have to be highly flexible and reliable and facilitate access from any location.

Implementation & project outcome

In the end, Spiess found his solution in in redballoon of Axians. Microsoft provides the prerequisite uplift at the heart of the “red balloon”. The components and services are highly standardised, ensuring integration goes without a hitch and daily business can be catered to smoothly.

This cloud solution has future-proofed our business,”

summarises Spiess. He is well aware of the advantages: automated backups and updates along with good data and application availability from any location. And in the unlikely event that something did go wrong, Axians is readily available as a central technology contact partner.