VINCI is conscious of its special social responsibility as the world’s leading construction and concession company. Together with its numerous employees, VINCI plans, finances, builds and operates facilities and infrastructural measures, such as schools, hospitals, apartments, offices, roads, bridges, airports, telecommunication networks, power grids, motorways and car parks. VINCI is confident that the long-term financial success of the company has to go hand in hand with credible and ambitious social commitment. As a result, the “VINCI Foundation” was established in 2002 and has since set itself the goal of supporting long-term projects aimed at integrating socially marginalised people into working life.

to the VINCI foundation

Five basic values that are adhered to every day

The corporate identity is characterised by trust, responsibility, solidarity, autonomy and entrepreneurship, prioritising people over systems, and appreciation for both individual initiative and collective work.

Trust: The mindset of wanting to work together. Trust must be granted, earned and rewarded. It is a value in and of itself, and is almost a virtue.

Autonomy: The freedom in which every business unit and employee can bring their talent to bear. Autonomy is less than independence and more than simply delegating powers.

Responsibility: Success is based on the ability of every individual to learn about and get to grips with their area of responsibility and then lead it down the road to success.

Entrepreneurial spirit: We believe that every individual has the ability to show initiative, evaluate risks, and want and achieve success.

Solidarity: Solidarity is more than just a basic principle, it is a reality embodied by networking. This “internal” practice allows our business units to share resources, expertise and work.

High ethical action principles and fairness in business and competition are the basic principles for the long-term success of our customers, partners and our company.

VINCI Ethik-Charta and Code of Conduct