Reduction of travel and expenses; CBT applications and documentation available around the clock; more attractive training programmes; lower support costs

Reference Customer

skyguide swiss air navigation services ltd.

Branch of Industry

Logistics and Transport, Public Administration, Services

Solution Area

Data Center & Infrastructure, Mobility, Virtualisierung

Contact person

Thomas Rothen

Division Lead Platforms / Senior Consultant

+41 61 716 70 70

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Project environment

With 1,500 employees at 14 locations, skyguide conducts air traffic control in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. With their help, around 1.2 million civil and military aircraft are guided safely and efficiently through the busiest airspace in Europe. The further education and training of employees and air traffic controllers in particular is of paramount importance in performing this task and shouldering the responsibility it entails. skyguide has relied on computer-based training (CBT) for several years now. However, the systems were only available in central training centres. Long lead times and intensive supervision were just as unavoidable as the high travel costs and the loss of participants’ time.

Project requirements & goals

skyguide had a vision of a virtual training platform that all training participants and trainers could access at any time from anywhere. The system package would need to be highly automated and compatible with the numerous CBT applications in use.

Implementation & project outcome

Axians redtoo developed a concept with which to make the CBT applications and training documentation available, tailored specifically to skyguide’s needs and their extremely demanding security requirements. The solution’s core technology is Microsoft’s App-V, Citrix’s XenDesktop and XenApp. The new training platform was one of the largest virtualisation projects undergone in Switzerland thus far. skyguide was able to achieve a level of flexibility never before seen in training along with considerable cost savings that will provide a return on investment within a short space of time. “Thanks to our new CBT solution, we are able to conduct significantly more training sessions and increase participants’ productivity at the same time,” explains Toni Gähwiler, Head of Training Resources & Operations at skyguide, when highlighting the new solution’s greatest advantage.