Cutting-edge workplaces, maximum flexibility and mobility with costs that are predictable over the long term.

When looking for a successor solution to an IT system that had experienced disparate growth over a great many years, the “Kommunität Diakonissenhaus Riehen” (the Riehen deaconess house religious community) opted for redballoon from Axians. Some 70 sisters and 70 permanent employees now profit from a standardised overall solution that covers all current and future activities – from the retirement home, nursery, hotel business and market gardens to the café with a shop and the extensive pastoral care activities.

Auf der Suche nach einer Nachfolgelösung für eine über sehr viele Jahre stark heterogen gewachsene IT kam die Kommunität Diakonissenhaus Riehen nicht an redballoon von Axians vorbei. Die rund 70 Schwestern und 70 fest angestellten Mitarbeitenden profitieren jetzt von einer einheitlichen Gesamtlösung, die alle gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Aktivitäten abdeckt – vom Altersheim, Kindergarten, Hotelbetrieb und Grossgärtnerei bis hin zum Café mit Shop und den umfassenden Seelsorgeaktivitäten.

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Secure and budget-friendly operation thanks to highly standardised and tried-and-tested components.

Maximum mobility due to modern end devices and excellent user acceptance.

Maximum flexibility for a wide-ranging and constantly changing range of activities.

Faster assistance for aggrieved travellers

In the event that travel firms become insolvent, the Guarantee Fund of the Swiss travel industry jumps into action and provides rapid assistance around the clock. In order to meet the growing expectations of its customers with respect to service quality, the Guarantee Fund was looking for a new, flexible and mobile solution for its IT system, which was showing its age. They found the right solution in redballoon from Axians.


pdf Reference case (German)

Increase in service quality thanks to fast, flexible and mobile data access.

Fit for the future due to the constantly up-to-date systems that are highly compatible with new requirements.

Highly reliable support of operations without internal IT specialists.

Successor solution for IT staff departures and maximum flexibility

“The one thing that I really do appreciate about redballoon as an entrepreneur is the high level of flexibility. Our IT system is now available whenever we need it and we are very confident that our future requirements will also be met. It gives us the freedom to respond immediately to any changes on the market and place new offers faster. At the same time, redballoon ensures that we can always predict our costs. This also makes our liquidity planning a much more relaxed affair” – Werner Schmid, Owner of Garage Schmid and AVB.

pdf Reference case (German)

Maximum availability and reliability

Successor solution for IT staff departures through the outsourcing of support.


Stable, predictable costs without risky IT projects and investments on spec.

High level of availability, simple scalability, global redundancy, predictable costs and a reliable support team. This is redballoon.

The cloud-based, future-oriented and innovative IT concept for SMEs guarantees stability, availability, mobility and reliability at all times and at a fixed price that can be predicted over the long term for each user.

Ready for anything

Regardless of just how quickly your business grows in the future, having the right IT system means you will be prepared for anything. You will never need to worry about the capacity of your storage system, your server performance or the future viability of your software. And most importantly of all, you don’t have to invest in more than you actually need. The required infrastructure is always available in the data centres and can be accessed whenever you please.

The ultra-modern redballoon cloud infrastructure covers all of your needs, regardless of the size of your company or in which industry you are operating.

New employees ready to work immediately

redballoon will also allow you to enjoy this instant availability at every computer workstation that you need for new employees. New clients will be quickly ready for operation and the relevant devices installed without you having to go through any complex purchasing processes. Your new employees will be instantly able to get on with their work, and your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will likewise be quickly connected and activated.

Remain in pole position

Local IT infrastructures cannot be flexibly adapted as needed to changes in your core business. If a purchase has only just been made, the item is depreciated over the course of several years, years in which customer needs cannot always be responded to. The IT system may have to be adapted to new requirements in lengthy, costly and sometimes risky projects with unexpected additional investments.

An IT structure from redballoon quickly and easily adapts to any changes in your needs. The redballoon portfolio contains an IT infrastructure to accommodate any conceivable business development. All you need to do is activate them.

Opt for redballoon now and, when the time is right, seize the opportunity to gain an invaluable edge over your competition.

Increase your profitability

With redballoon, additional investments in your operational IT infrastructure will largely become a thing of the past, as will the need to depreciate these purchases over a period of up to five years. You can completely write off the predictable, transparent service costs of redballoon in the current year. Depending on your individual operating conditions, this could help you generate considerable savings.  What’s more, redballoon also reduces day-to-day costs in ongoing operations.

The system is updated automatically and new clients, mobile devices and printers can be connected remotely and automatically at any time. You do not need to employ your own IT specialists and you save money on the cost of the room for the servers and back-end infrastructure as well as on the electricity required to power the server infrastructure, which works out as being between CHF 1,200 and CHF 1,800 per server per year.

OPEX instead of CAPEX

We would be glad to explain the opportunities available to you and provide cost transparency and predictability. With our redballoon offerings, all of your direct and indirect IT costs will be clearly itemised. You will thus receive an IT solution that cannot be beaten in terms of price, in which capital is not tied up unnecessarily, that ideally adjusts to your needs and ensures long-term stability in your liquidity planning.

Simply better protection

We rely exclusively on the best Microsoft data centres for your redballoon IT concept. These certified data centres utilise an outstanding security concept that is continuously improved. The portfolio of services ranges from extensive identity and access controls to the proactive defence against threats. The data centres offer you a level of security that is practically impossible with a local SME server solution.

The security features at a glance

  • Clearly regulated access authorisation rules and extensive identify and access controls with multi-stage authorisation and monitoring processes. The staff working in the data centre have no access at all to customer data.
  • All of the systems and services are continuously updated through the latest security patches.
  • Secure data encryption in accordance with customer requirements all the way up to the highest encryption category, AES-256.
  • Constant tests for localising potential weaknesses to proactively eliminate threats.
  • A global team that reacts immediately to threats and malicious activities on a 24/7 basis.
  • Outstanding security departments, such as the Digital Crimes Unit, Cybercrime Centre and Malware Protection Centre, which are constantly developing strategies and measures to combat global security threats.
  • Development of all Microsoft products and services on the basis of a security development life cycle.
  • Operational Security Assurance programme for the ongoing minimisation of risks in cloud services.

Server protection for maximum security

With redballoon, you benefit from server protection that is otherwise only afforded to major companies with the most stringent security requirements in the banking and pharmaceuticals sectors. All of the servers are located in Europe and are protected to the highest available security levels.  Inside of a redballoon data centre, data and applications are redundantly stored on multiple servers and a back-up data centre is always on hand should there be any need. You won’t even notice this, as your data and applications are available at all times, from any location and on any end device, regardless of the building infrastructure and the IT hardware.

Workstations always up to date

With redballoon, all of your applications and clients are always kept up to date. Updates are immediately installed as soon as they become available, security vulnerabilities are rectified and inconvenient interruptions to work are kept to an absolute minimum. This means that viruses and Trojan horses no longer have a chance and the systematic reduction in time and money that you need to spend on support mean that running costs are minimised significantly.

The reliable and stable performance of your systems increases motivation among all members of staff and boosts the productivity of your operations. redballoon relies solely on highly standardised clients and applications from leading providers. All of our partners are characterised by the fact that they put in a great deal of hard work to guarantee the highest level of security possible at all times. As a result, all of the security patches and updates for the applications are quickly made available and immediately installed on every system. Your clients will automatically be kept up to date without any action required, as will all servers, firewalls and components within every data centre.

Better safe than sorry

You no longer have to worry about how current the last backup of your local server or your clients is, whether it can be reinstalled in an emergency and how long this would take. With redballoon, all of your data is constantly backed up. The data is saved on several backup systems at once within a data centre and it is also mirrored and protected in an additional data centre for that extra element of security.

Should individual servers malfunction, this is no longer of consequence and even in the absolutely improbable scenario that an entire data centre suffers an outage, your data will still be intact and accessible. What’s more, accidentally deleted data can be restored in no time at all.

redballoon will of course also provide you with the option to archive a copy of all of your company’s data at your premises upon request.

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